Feng Shui In Business

“You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I just know it brings me money.”- Donald J. Trump, 45th and current president of the United States.


When I first read that quote by Donald Trump, it strikes me as remarkable that a real estate mogul and television personality turned current president of the United States of America seems to be in favour of incorporating Feng Shui into his professional sphere. A non – Asian and a highly successful one advocating Feng Shui makes me wonder if there is an association between Feng Shui and wealth/ success attainment and accumulation.

Without much delay, I submerged myself into the essence of what Feng Shui is all about. The origins of Feng Shui dates to nearly six thousand years ago during the mid – Neolithic period of the Chinese civilization. The direct translation of Feng Shui is “wind” or movements of the air and “water” which represents replenishing, protecting and channelling and these two specific elements are essential to sustain life (Bennett, 2020). The primary objective was to sort out land that was fruitful and not a target of the enemies as well as not being prone to natural disasters or disastrous forces of nature so that the inhabitants of the land will prosper. Essentially, Feng Shui was used to locate burial sites that are “auspicious” for high ranking officials and rulers in order to benefit their future generations (Bennett, 2020). In today’s term, Feng Shui is all about bringing peace and harmony into our environment and ultimately our lives. Now, even if we are one of those people that rely on science and logic over spirituality , there is no denying that being in harmony or even at peace with nature , space and people doesn’t seem too illogical of a philosophy and actually we can learn much about approaching life in moderation and finding balance for mental well-being in various aspects o as to enrich our lives holistically.

Symbol of Taoism Explained

Feng Shui In Spaces

Donald Trump himself believes that Feng Shui can bring comfort to rooms and space through elements like furniture, angles of items, even the material of objects which can be felt by guests, so this leads me to ask, “What has balance got to do with furniture or objects?”

Well, according to Feng Shui, there is energy all around us in the form of “Chi” and this energy needs to be balanced (Yin and Yang). Yin is feminine and is associated with all things soft, round, and gentle while Yang is masculine and possess qualities such as hard, sharp and tall (“History of Feng Shui – Elements and Energy”, 2020). In the event, that “dramatic architecture” is manifested through interior design or art, it may not be suitable for humans to feel at ease and at peace despite it being a marvel to the sight. According to Feng Shui, there is a need for humans to feel at peace and harmony to be enriched in their well-being and drastic forms will prevent that. So, the question now is, “How is this concept being transcended into the business sphere and what are the specific areas it is appreciated as well as incorporated in?”

Design of Business Logo

Feng Shui can even influence the design of a business logo. There are five elements of Feng Shui which are namely, fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Fire is creative and is more suitable for restaurants, retail, or sports-related and earth is more suitable for construction, agriculture-related or even hospitality. Metal is mostly suited for the finance sector, wood for travel industry or education whereas water is suitable for businesses that revolves around beauty and cleaning (Tchi, 2019). This shows that in the belief of Feng Shui, natural elements have indirect influence on the type of business or industry a firm operates in.

Human Resource

According to Feng Shui Master, Adrian Lo, Feng Shui can aid in various aspects of human resources such as providing a stress-free working environment that is balanced and which can enhance productivity, retention of staff, improved communications between staff and even job satisfaction (2020). It is important to note that it is encouraged to engage Feng Shui especially when incorporating a new business venture, renovations, rearrangement of the workspace and going looking for opportunities to expand the business. It’s a unique intertwining of nature into business and makes one more sensitive to the spatial environment that business is conducted in.

Property and Site Selection Consultation

A Feng Shui master acquired, will do a thorough assessment of the needs and problems of their corporate client , including the history of properties, the layout of the properties, recommending auspicious locations and directions of passages, windows, furniture and other elements that could be directly or indirectly to business (Lo, 2020). 

Grand Opening of Business

Feng Shui also have a say in which dates are auspicious dates to open for business and it is recommended that the business owner’s zodiac sign must not clash with the grand opening date of the new business to ensure auspiciousness, wealth and prosperity. These dates are based on the Chinese almanac calendar so as to ensure that even the days are in hrmony with business owner and the business potential prosperity (“2020 Auspicious Date for Grand Opening of Business, Start Work, Best Day to Start New Business”, 2020).

Bazi Readings (八字算命)

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” ― Socrates (Classical Greek Philosopher)

It is interesting that I can see this ancient Greek philosophy even emulated by the Bazi Analysis of Feng Shui. Bazi requires the combination of your birth dates and life information to help an individual understand himself or herself in the professional aspects of life such as business, wealth and career.  It aims to show the various strengths and weaknesses and to incorporate elements that can reduce the bad energy while manifesting opportunities in business and career. The five elements that are looked at in Bazi is fortune, affluence, longevity, happiness and wealth and it aims to help an individual to discover themselves in areas that they are weak at so that they can resolve it and even illuminate areas that they might not have otherwise known that they have great potential and how they could expound on it further (Lo, 2020).


I find it astonishing that Feng Shui can be incorporated into so many aspects of business and its teachings and philosophies are something I do not believe that we can just simply ignore. In this increasingly, globalised world where businesses are getting more interconnected where an exchange of culture, customs and teachings is the new norm, I have to agree with Trump to the extent that it is important to adhere to the principles of business clients and if they believe them, it is sufficient for him to comply and meet these principles to make them feel more at ease while doing business (Consultant, 2016). The physical workspace does impact worker’s moods, productivity and success and therefore workplace ergonomics, which is the science of designing a workplace while bearing in mind the boundaries and sensitivities of employees is a very important concept in workplace design in the field of psychology .  I believe that Feng Shui is all about how we perceive the environment ,  nature and its various elements  all around us and even while making money , it is good for us to still strike a balance between nature and its elements to have an overall mental health while running a business as well as preserving the natural state that we exist in.


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FENG SHUİ: Eski Bir Sanatı Açıklamak ve Evinizin Chi’sini Dengelemek

4 thoughts on “Feng Shui In Business

  1. Does Feng Shui replace the Spirit of God or God Himself? Isn’t this a mix of superstition and God’s Biblical way of doing things? This is not an accusation, just a question from another believer.

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    1. For me I just see it has a form of workplace design to make one more productive. I am a believer but I like researching on other philosophies and traditions mostly from the east (=


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