Be A Man

Dear Young Man,

Is life burdensome and too much to bear? Are you tired of walking this lonely road heading nowhere? Are your shoulders tired from carrying the weight of the world upon your shoulders? Are the chambers of your heart, a forgotten cathedral begging for the noon bell to resound once again?

You have done well, son. Don’t be discouraged.

Are your eyes twitching from exhaustion, are your days wearisome and long? Is your bosom’s only companion the blanket you hold onto in the quietness of the cold night? Has love slipped from your fingers as water does when you try to grasp at it? Are your hands calloused and skin brazened under the cruelty of the sun?

You have done well, son. Don’t be dismayed.

What is a man in this day and age? A tower of strength and resolute he stands as bare and proud as Michelangelo’s David pristine, on a pedestal? Or is he David, the shepherd boy forgotten and overlooked?  A humble shepherd boy exposed to the harsh elements of nature and predators, tending to his father’s (Jesse) flocks of sheep with care. He was overlooked by his family when they were looking to anoint one of Jesse’s sons as King. Wasn’t he not hard at work in the fields? Wasn’t he not being a responsible son? Nevertheless, he wasn’t considered by his own family to be potentially anointed as king.

Young man, there are days where you may feel that everything you have done, is doing or going to do, would not be recognised and even worst amount to nothing. There will be cold nights where your muscles will mourn, and your eyes wet with tears threatening to fall. Do not be distressed. Rest assured for he that have endured life’s mercilessness will too eat of the fruits of life’s mercifulness.

Money, fame, women, cars, country clubs, chasing after superficial bravado – that doesn’t make a man. It may be perceived that way as propelled by the ministry of propaganda that “seems” to rule this world but deep down you know its all vanity. Rough, fierce, strong and powerful – these are attributes that is deemed expected of a man, yes, but there is so much more to you, so much more than what is expected of you.

“Be a Man”, they say. I still see the little child inside, looking for a playmate. “Be a Man”, they say. I see a gentleness as that of the lilies at first bloom. “Be a Man”, they say. I hear the voice as sweet as that of the loveliest songs of the nightingale. “Be a Man”, they say. I feel the touch as soft as the very clouds above.

“Be a Man”, I say. Stand tall and proud you have done well. Let life teach you well so that all your days may be full. “Be a Man”, I say. Let compassion be your compass, do not let go of its directions and your journey will be rich. “Be a Man”, I say. Treat your womenkind with tenderness and compassion and it will be reflected to you. “Be a Man”, I say.  Do not be afraid to give your best in all areas of your life both professional and personal, no matter who tells you otherwise. “Be a Man”, I say. Its alright to cry, for crying is strength displayed humbly. “Be a Man”, I say. A shepherd boy became King.

“Be a Man”, I say, “Be a Man”.

You can’t relate to a superhero, to a superman, but you can identify with a real man who in times of crisis draws forth some extraordinary quality from within himself and triumphs but only after a struggle.   

  Timothy Dalton

7 thoughts on “Be A Man

  1. Great commentary on the nature of masculinity – I feel that young men, particularly in Britain, are lost – they don’t know who to look to or where to look for it. That’s a whole different topic obviously, but thank you for sharing this mature and sincere look at masculinity.

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