I could hear the light footsteps of the mother duck as she led her brood safely among the bushes near the river. I peek nervously into the water as the sun shone a tad brighter, its brilliance scorching me into submission as I cower from it. I knelt and gather to myself the cool water within reach.

I saw You.

That angular jawline, I would not have mistaken it for anyone else’s. Strong, unyielding and undeniably male. Beard lightly trimmed, and traditional, I remember as you fondly stroked it whenever something piques your interest or when in deep contemplation. I even see the saffron scarf tied around the neck where the folds neatly occupy the space left vacant by your coat.  The mother duck charges at the once smooth waters that beheld you, breaking the cherished image before me in a crescendo of ripples.

Shaken out of my reverie, I laid upon my back onto the cool blades of the lime-coloured grass; Their gentle prickling against my bare flesh of my arms,  bringing me comfort, as the earth hold me in a sweet embrace while I admire the intricate core of a flower on my side.

I saw You.

The prominence of that nose, that powerful stem; One could single you out from the throng of the crowds. Highly intelligent, almost regal, it twitches the moment you could detect the saccharine smell of baked apples emanating from the kitchen as you work fastidiously on your accounts. That smooth arch, a delightful corner for my very own to seek refuge each time, our lips touched. A worker bee lands, accompanied with a partner or two soon after, wobbling the beloved image away in their quest for nectar.  

I brought a hand to my forehead as I led my head in a gentle sway from left to right and then again from right to left and continued in that pendulum-like momentum till, I am convinced that I am presently on this earthly abode. As I gulp a generous amount of the musty river air, I look up at the mountain of cumulus clouds forming above.

I saw You.

Dark waves fell over your forehead, gently framing your darling face. Like the roaring waters of the black sea, they enveloped your ears and neck in a frenzied fashion for your fingertips were the choice of comb for your morning toilette. The way you dragged your hands through them, when you take in a picturesque scenery or when life’s frustrations bore you down is engraved on my mind. A droplet from heaven fell onto my lips, as the skies darken and roll to a close, the dear image from my sight.

Getting up, I soothe the crumbled hems of my crepe gown with the palms of my hands that I have so nonchalantly donned this morning. I let out a short laugh. If you saw me now, I know you would have chided me for a colour that you would have otherwise deemed as “the hue of Hades” and of which is so “utterly dreary” upon my person. I could faintly hear you laugh as you demand I throw this blasted article of clothing to the ditches where even the strays don’t go near.

I saw You.

That plump, supple lips could rival the ripest of peaches. I can see the intricate dry lines that decorated them when they pucker in deep wonder and the dimples adorned at each side, when you smile to yourself, lost in the labyrinth of your mind. The delicate softness when you pressed them against mine as your cologne of musk wood flooded my senses only made me yield to your onslaught of passion.

“Mama!”, the piercing cry of a 4-year-old reverberated through the air dispelling the treasured image into mist.

The wee little thing ran and stood by my side tugging at my sleeves. His hair the colour of raven. What a pretty child! I lifted his chin to caress a cheek and our eyes met.  

I saw You.

Those orbs with a striking gentleness, framed with a dark curtain of lashes. I can see their corners ornamented with wrinkles formed by the crinkling of your eyes each time you smile so brilliantly. Oh, blessed was that day, our eyes first met!

In paradisum deducant angeli
In tuo adventu suscipiant te martyres
Et perducant te
In civitatem sanctam Jerusalem
Chorus angelorum te suscipiat
Et cum Lazaro, quondam paupere
Aeternam habeas requiem

[ In Paradisum ] 

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