Dear Mr. Sun,

You have been so charming this sunrise. Your congenial rays gently caressed my face as I opened the windows and peek shyly as you blew me a kiss. I can feel my cheeks warming to a shade crimson, as it floated with a little bounce through the air and settled firmly on my lips. I coyly look at you from under my lashes, wondering what I have done to be blessed with such affection!

Dear Miss. Lady Bug,

You are dressed so fashionable this day! Such vibrant colours, such a timeless beauty. Cherry is indisputably your shade. You waved at me so gallantly when you spotted me on your way to a distant flowerbed. Your cheerfulness never fails to bring a smile upon my lips. See! See! These dimples are formed because of you!

Dear Mr. Wind,

Oh, what a chivalrous gentleman you are! You led me by the small of my back to the centre of the living room. Alas, we took our place and waited for the melodies of the robins outside to begin their sweet vesper. First your hand on my back, mine on your shoulder and our fingers met. We swirl in perfect synchronisation; my heart exhilarated by the intense waltz.

Dear Miss. Butterfly,

“Oh, what did you say? How do I do?”

“Fantastic, my dear! Oh, how sweet of you to have asked!”

You salute away with a fold of your wing, as you saunter your way to the core of a flower to have your morning fill, a wide grin plastered on your face.

Dear Madam. Teapot,

“Yes, ma’am, I will drink it hot!”

At the autumn of your life, I can faintly distinguish the lavender flowers that adorn your elegant spout of which golden liquid pour. You hurriedly grab me with tender hands and led me to a cup to quench my arid soul. Such maternal warmth, so true and pure.

Dear Little. Teaspoon,

How adorable you are as you intertwined around my petite fingers! Too delightful! Such a vivacious little thing as you stretch your limbs in a sprint around the brim of the cup in youthful glee. You are an enchanting sight, unquestionably like the kitten that is so intricately engraved on your handle!

Oh, blessed assurance, this morning is bright! I eagerly wait each sunrise to be blessed by this sight!

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