Personal Self – Reflection

1. Where do I want to be in the next one, five or ten years?

I will probably go back and read this article and be amused at what I have written. I would like to be happy, contented and fulfilled in my career and family life. I see myself settling down quietly and starting a family in the next 5 years. I wish to be at a position in my career where I am given responsibilities that stretches my horizons and make me discover more about myself. I am not afraid of putting myself in situations that I am not familiar with because it will make me learn something more about myself and maybe acquire new skill sets.

I see myself pursuing more forms of music predominantly with the piano has it is my primary focus now, musically. I also see myself belonging to a volunteer association that I would like to start with like-minded individuals with regards to children. Yes, I have a very soft touch for children and would like to seek ways to fund children’s education be it through textbooks, stationeries, extra-curricular activities to nurture themselves. This is something I see in the next ten years where I would be established both financially and in terms of network.

2. Where will my life be in one, five or ten years if I continue doing what I am doing today?

It will be contented, and I hope, happy. I know what I want, so it is easier now to decide what to pursue and who to surround myself with.

3. What is my why?

I want to be happy and for those close to me and my heart to be happy as well. Why? Because, I didn’t have much happiness and joy while growing up and as a teen, I believe that the more I work harder, I would be in a better place. The more I proved myself to people, I will be finally contented. At 25, I know that working hard and proving myself only to myself allows me to be happy and fulfilled. I am grateful nevertheless, for this difficult lesson. I guess, you could say that the happiness of those close to me is also paramount to my happiness and hence why it matters that they are all happy, succeeding and at a safe place.

4. What am I grateful for?

I am so thoroughly grateful for my beautiful mother. The very epitome of love to me. I am 25 and I still enjoy playing and hugging her because I really can be such a kid sometimes. My first memory that I can recollect as a kid was her singing to me “You are my Sunshine”, while tickling me in a dark room during a thunderstorm. It is my favourite song till today. Without her, I wouldn’t be fearless to take on interests in many differing areas such as heavy metal, poetry and writing, volunteering, economics, being an history nerd and so on. She was the one who made me very strong in my faith and taught me the value of having a solid education here in Singapore. I credit all my educational accomplishments to her unwavering support. Just looking into her hazel eyes, calms me down.

5. What are my values, and am I being true to them?

Love with all your heart. Never be afraid to display and offer compassion and understanding. Listen, always try to listen. Acceptance doesn’t require comprehension and to always accept things with serenity. It is important to know when to let go or stay.

6. Do I worry too much about what others think?

I am sensitive and I always try to have empathetic ears. That is really all about it. I do not concern myself much about the opinions of others unless it is one of edification, correction or something of importance and concern. I live for myself and my faith.

7. What do I want people to say about me at my funeral?

She was kind and a gentle spirit. She was a good mother, wife and/or friend.  If they are people of faith, I hope they will say a nice prayer for me.

8. What would I do if I wasn’t afraid of anything?

Be afraid of something. If I am not afraid of something that means life is too dull or unexciting since I wouldn’t have the thrill to see myself succeeding or even failing, by default I am not living. I think a healthy amount of fear is alright.

9. What would I do if today was my last day?

Spend time with all those I love and tell them how wonderful and beautiful they all are to me and share my fondest memories with them.

10. Why not?

I guess the “why not” for me would be why not be more daring with fashion, I guess. I am so shy of showing my legs. They are lovely mind you; it is just that I am shy.

11. Is my social circle influencing my life positively?

Very much so. I surround myself with a handful of people that have touched me, been there for me and have taught me so many lessons. I can be myself with them and they with me and I really could not ask for more.

12. Am I living a lifestyle that promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing?

Yes, to some extent. I am eating much cleaner, have changed my diet drastically this year and I have adopted vegetarianism because of the many intolerances I have developed in my early 20s. Mentally, during this quarantine it has been much more healthier as I am less stressed as compared to the usual times as I am currently pursing a difficult course that I can’t wait to complete. Spiritually, I am at peace with myself and others.

13. Am I giving the people I value most enough time?

I do. I always give my best to those I value and since I am usually very busy, giving time is not an easy task but I make a lot of compromises to ensure that I have dedicated sufficient time to develop and nurture my relationships. I also, know when to pull back to allow themselves time to develop and pursue other interests and people in their life. Everything in moderation.

14. Do I care more about how my life looks or how it feels?

Yes, I do care a lot, mostly to myself. It must be good to me.

15. What will be my biggest regret if I were to die tomorrow?

If I have to go, I go. I guess there is nothing to regret if you have to go and have no other choice. I will live the last few hours beautifully and with serenity. Go in peace.

Questions are inspired and adapted from

Feel free to attempt them as well! Thank you for reading !

“Self-transformation commences with a period of self-questioning. Questions lead to more questions, bewilderment leads to new discoveries, and growing personal awareness leads to transformation in how a person lives. Purposeful modification of the self only commences with revising our mind’s internal functions. Revamped internal functions eventually alter how we view our external environment.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

16 thoughts on “Personal Self – Reflection

  1. A highly qualified reflection to be read over and over again because it leaves a lot of teaching to understand our way of thinking looking at ourselves and reviewing our lives.
    An uplifting read. Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This was fun to read. I feel you are going to be going places in life with planning and reflecting. Recognizing a bad situation isn’t your only situation…and can always see the positive and make things go your way! Awesome job!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What a lovely story about your mother! And being more daring with my fashion is something I’d like to work towards too. It’s a great way to express yourself!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Oh that’s great! I wonder what keeps you awake till this long! Haha!

    But honestly, I had an image of you that way because of your classy looks. Now I understand why do people say, looks can be deceptive. And you proved it right.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is such a beautiful but irritating thing too at times. I can say because I’m like that too. I remember once I was working in office and my leaving time is 7 pm like others. But I was indulged into one of my works that I sat and worked till 10:10 pm and closed the office by myself. I worked for more than 12 hours that day, still I came out smilingly. That’s what is best.

      Glad you’re passionate about such things. It’s always attractive.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This was a fun post to read. I agree with your other readers that you show maturity. I loved your comment about your lovely legs. No one says we have to show them but if you are ever going to, now’s the time. Female legs have a nasty way of not aging well. I think modesty and shyness are different and that you may have confused them. One way to tell is shyness is a form of self-centeredness so if you are more worried about someone looking at what you want to cover than you are about reaching out to others, then you are probably shy. I have a hunch that is not the case with you. You are very responsive to your readers.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work!


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