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Joining the blogging sphere has been a truly enriching one where I have learned so much from many of you amazing bloggers, your content and vivaciousness that have so much authenticity and creativity. Soon, I will be embarking on an internship and subsequently finishing up the semester for this year and I would like to have a schedule that could guide me as well as to my readers, friends and various content creators with the overall direction of this blog.

Additionally, as you all know me , I love to plan. Thus, I have came up with this schedule that would serve as a template for me once things get much more busier  for I do not wish to lose the joy of blogging and writing. If you have any suggestions, please feel free really to let me know in the comments below. Always, your humble student.

– Julia

Revised Schedule

Merry Monday : A day that I will dedicate a post on gratitude and thanksgiving so as to cultivate the habit of gratefulness

Wholesome Wednesday : A day that I will dedicate short stories or poetry that talks about compassion, love and other intangible assets for the soul

Tea Thursday : A segment dedicated to literacy works from different authors and poets and my personal reflections on them

Fun Friday : Tips, Reflections or Anything Under the Sun

Sweet Sunday : A day that I will dedicate a post on someone who has been inspirational and that we should consider emulating through the role model series

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to suggest any themes, topics and ideas you would like to see on here. Thank you so much and have a wonderful week ahead.

8 thoughts on “Blog Schedule

  1. They all sound like awesome ideas, to be honest!
    I like the idea of naming these categories after the days of the week!
    Your blog will be – if possible – even richer and more colorful!

    Liked by 4 people

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