7 Interesting Things I do Before I Sleep

This is no surprise, but I cover my face with a thin layer of vitamin E lotion to keep my skin supple and fresh as I sleep. It is always good to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. I also apply a thin run through of henna oil through my tresses to keep it well nourished and sweet smelling.

I do evening devotionals which enables me to think about the events that happened in the day and to see where I could do better tomorrow. You may or may not be religious or have other faith(s) but the essence of reflecting about the day is what I am trying to bring across. Even being thankful for certain things that made you smile and reflecting upon it seems to bring me much peace and comfort. I have a personal diary that I list down at least three things that I was grateful for that specific date.

If you have been following this blog long enough, you would know that I love hugs. I usually hug my mother before I go to bed just as a sweet gesture of love. I believe you can always hug anyone even your mother regardless of what age or gender you are. If you love your mother, aunt, grandmother or any other relatives or roommates (if you are close of course) and wishes to show affection, what better time than before bed!

I always require some tea before bed. It has been that way ever since I was 15 and it is officially stuck. It is a ritual for me to either brew a chrysanthemum or rosemary tea before bed as it calms my nerves and always allows me to be submerged in an air of tranquility, winding down my thought processes to simpler things like setting the alarm clock or making my bed more comfortable before I sleep.

I text my best friends and those dear to me good night on a daily basis. I think it is a nice gesture to let people know that you have thought about them before going to bed and wish they are all happy and doing well.

You can call it a regret list if you prefer but I call it the transgression list where I write all the possible harm that I have done to myself or even to nature and people that I may or may not have realized at that time when I have done so. This is to keep myself in check so that I do not repeat the same or similar mistakes again and allows me to be sensitive to my weaknesses.

Before bed, I would watch a funny video by a favorite comedian to put myself into a good mood before bed and if I am not feeling it, I would listen to my playlists which consists of gospel music and death metal. Yes, I have a very peculiar music taste. * grins sheepishly*

What do y’all do before bedtime? I would so love to know!

10 thoughts on “7 Interesting Things I do Before I Sleep

  1. I too enjoy a cup of tea before bed! Chamomile, lemon ginger, mint, or green tea while finishing homework. I enjoy reading a few pages from a book. Watch an episode from an action packed tv series to tire me out while knitting. Exfoliate, moisturize, take evening vitamins, organize things for the next day, and pray.😊 Bedtime rituals help me get regular sleep.

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  2. Such a sweet post, really!
    I’ve particularly appreciated the font of the various subtitles and the fact you’ve selected a drawing to represent each of them: really, really nice!
    I didn’t know about your skin and hair routine before going to bed: so very interesting!

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