Secrets To My Gemstones

Well, the cat is out of the bag! It is not going to be a secret anymore since I am going to expound on the mysticism and properties of the five stones that I always wear. This is my little show and tell about my gemstones, their signficant properties and what they mean to me! Maybe after reading my little eccentricities here you might fancy yourself a trip down to your nearest crystal store and get some just for yourself or for your dearest ones!

These are the stones I wear everyday, both day in and day out without ever removing them. Seriously never, unless I am switching to a more stricter attire like business formal for a client presentation or to traditional indian costumes that requires in itself suitable indian jewellery to be paired with. I love collecting gemstones and even stringing them into a bracelet that I could wear casually. Nevertheless, these little gemstones are my everyday go-to and they hold alot of meaning, more so that what usually meets the eye.

In descending order, from the wrist downwards, they are the blue tiger eyes, petrified wood, orange chalcedony, moss agate, and yellow jasper. I have listed a little summary of their signficance down below:

As you probably can tell, these healing gemstones that I have been drawn to helps me with reducing stress and eliminate negativity on a daily basis. The reason why I was drawn to them is because wearing them always reminds me to think positively and to take a step-back during stressful moments and to re-evaluate the situation(s). In a way, they help me feel comfort alot and I tend to touch them when I am tensed, as a coping mechanism in stressful situations. They are very cooling to touch and compliments my complexion beautifully. There are a plethora of gemstones with various healing properties of various cuts, styles and colors that appeal to any one regardless of personal style, taste, gender and age group which to me makes gemstones to be a timeless way to accessorise throughout the ages!

20 thoughts on “Secrets To My Gemstones

      1. That is lovely! If you are going for something yellow, you can consider yellow sapphires, citrine and tourmaline for everyday wear! It is really calming and it so subtle too ❧ Thank you for reading as well!

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    1. Bless thank you so much! I enjoyed making them as well! And that is awesome! I would recommend getting stones that have healing properties that you are specifically searching for and if you do not have any in particular, the best way is to check your zodiac sign and see which is the most suitable for your sign!


  1. Neato!
    I wear a rubber band and snap it and say the truth I’ve picked out. This is way more chic though. Grin.

    My current affirmation is “an empty stable stays clean.
    “But there is no income from an empty stable.” Proverbs … I gotta look it it up again at my Youversion. I forgot the reference again. I will just use the search feature.

    Love it 😘

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  2. No you’ve misunderstood. I know there’s a lot of selfharm out there, so I understand your initial response.
    Snapping the rubber band is GOOD
    I DONT hurt myself.
    Just gentle.
    Like a dog clicker. It’s a marker for my brain that I want to interrupt my thinking and make a change.
    I am making great progress! I’m ready to work on the next thing I think.
    I don’t knee jerk annoying response– when I wheel in to the kitchen in my chair and it’s messy–anymore.
    “An empty stable stays clean, but there is no income from an empty stable.”


  3. I love your imagery as well. I would do more of that with my own blog if I had more time. Most often I write posts between clients or late at night after my kids are asleep (and I’d like to be🤪). You did a beautiful job here, and I love the topic too, my favorite stone is tiger eye in any color. My birthstone Amethyst is my second favorite.

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