God Gave Me You ❤️

“God gave me you”, her striking hazel eyes met mine quietly across the table as she whispered those unforgettable words; a small smile etched across her delicate face.

I always talk about being strong and finding strength in the most arduous of adversities but I yet to expound on where this strength was birthed from. I wouldn’t be the woman here today if it were not for this beautiful woman in the picture above. She is the most beautiful woman in all the lands to me, my precious and lovely mother. The very epitome of strength and unwavering love to me. Her dedication to motherhood and living a life of clean hands and a pure heart has directed the very moral compass I have embraced in all my 25 years and how I interact with nature, people and animals. It is all her.

She is just so beautiful and I seriously believe that “beautiful” is a sore understatement. I lack the vocabulary to describe her unique beauty ( maybe there are just no words that are possible). She is so incredibly selfless. She always put others before her and always worries about the well-being of both animals and people. She is a gentle spirit with a tough exterior that is sometimes hard to penetrate to her gentle core but it is there. That is how I ended up being a gentle soul, with the only difference is that I tend to wear my heart on my sleeves while she wears hers under an armour of steel. Nevertheless, she is the gentlest of souls, I know. A sweet smiling woman, who jokes alot and has as a knack of changing people’s names because she struggles to recall them well.

She is my best friend, my anchor and my lighthouse in the storms. She nurtured me to be strong in my faith and to learn the laws and commandments so that I could walk holy before God. She taught me the need to be self-confident and to be independent even at a tender age. I was always a shy thing, but I was undoubtedly confident in almost every area of my life. She always pushed me even when I had no faith in myself sometimes; It is like she can just see the potential that I could not in me.

“You can do it, Steph. I just know”, she reassures confidently every time I tell her about my worries. Ultimately, she is always right.

She pushed me academically. She did not make it to the university despite being an extremely intelligent woman due to her family circumstance(s) but she made sure I never slacked (even in the slightest) academically and made me focus on getting to the university. Her heart’s desire of her daughters being decently educated was fulfilled by her ensuring that her children received a solid education and graduated from prestigious universities in one of the most competitive countries in Asia (Singapore).

She taught me how to read, write and to speak English fluently up to my early years of high school, where she eventually stepped down from being my tutor because I managed to surpass her. It is all because of her hard work and perseverance in ensuring that I did my best and gave my best in everything. This mindset has transcended into the various aspect of my life such as friendships and connections that I have where I always gave my 200% in everything so that I will never live with regrets.

She was instrumental, in me being a woman of faith, culture and grace. She always stressed the importance of being honourable, and how a lady should conduct herself both in public and in non-public view. Taught me the values of modest dressing that is still classy and fashionable, and has a strong fashion sense that I still think I could never match honestly. We both did not have an easy life but I like to focus on the lighter side of things for this post. We certainly have some incredible tales that we will share with our intimate circle. Nevertheless, I would go through everything once again, every storm and fire and if there is a thing such as reincarnation, I would pray that I will be born to her and only her. She is the greatest gift I had when I entered the world.

“God gave me you too”, my eyes brimming with tears, as my smile match hers.

Happy Birthday, Mummy. ❤️

“Mind of engaging empathetic intellect

A woman of complex and lasting beauty”

― Richard L. Ratliff, It’s About Time

21 thoughts on “God Gave Me You ❤️

  1. Awesome writeup Steph, as I was reading, salty warm droplets cascade down my cheeks and pools around my neck🙏Selamat Hari Jadi untuk ibu mu Steph.

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