Attributes of My Psyche

Honestly, I am not going to lie.

I am a raging forest fire. A pocketful of sunshine too. Oh, oh and a stampede of elephants on a rampage as well. Maybe, even a gentle wind! I will take you down the rabbit hole, oh yeah. * sheepish grin *

Anyway, here are some attributes of my psyche that shapes me as a person as a whole. It may help you, my lovely readers to understand why I write the way I do or relate with me as to why I have certain “strong” or even “eccentric” standpoints and even vigour when it comes to certain topics. Yes, I am no easy ride (sorry, not sorry). Anyways, who wants to be easy? I assure you though, the ride is worth it.

(hopefully, cheek kisses) ❤️

I am confident. Period. Interestingly enough, that may surprise some people because I am normally known to be shy. Yes, I am bashfully shy and I cannot hide it but I am just as confident (quiet confidence ) because I am very sure of myself and who I am. I would not share something that I do not believe hold weight or have not been thoroughly processed, either backed by experience or through knowledge acquisition. I am highly insightful, unconventional, and super meta about research and analysis as well as knowledgeable in paralinguistics because I just enjoy being that way.

I am very playful. I love witty opinions/ comments and love dishing them out as well albeit politely, of course! I think life would be so much fun and exciting with playful banter here and there as well as enjoying each other’s company, thoughts and opinions even if we may not agree or empathise thoroughly with each other. I have a child-like disposition and find joys in the very littlest of things because I find them remarkably beautiful. I also enjoy laughing and I tend to pay attention to minute details that do not conventionally appeal.

I take a stand for myself. I will not back down on my standards, ideals and value system that I have continuously refined over the years as that is the backbone of my sanity. I will never compromise on the things that I fundamentally hold dear to me regardless of people and organisation(s). I will hardly join the bandwagon, and I need to truly feel convicted before I strongly believe in something (religion, philosophy, moral codes etc.) Believe me, I am really hard to convince but I think it is good to have our moral codes or other standards that we should adhere to and not compromise unless there is a better concept than the one we are now convicted of. Nobody should treat you like a pushover, and we deserve to have respect, even to ourselves. Hence, why I love to listen, research and even have deliberate discussions if need be (not to be right) but to question my ideals back to myself and even learn from others that I might not necessarily agree so that I can learn from their perspective(s).

Most would attribute vulnerability as a weakness but in my case, I tend to view it as a strength. Being vulnerable or even allowing myself to be vulnerable, allows me to empathise deeply and have a profound understanding of situations that I may not be experienced with or lack knowledge of. It helps me to connect with people around me strongly and my friends are not afraid to tell me what is troubling them as there is no shame in my sphere. I lovingly call it the ” judgement-free zone ” and I enjoy basking in that zone with my peers.

I usually go against the grain, and naturally can be detached sometimes because I am highly logical and rational. Developing the emotional aspect of me (which I am now known for) was something deliberately and painstainkingly developed over years. So, if I show you even the slightest of emotions, concern or care, just know it is not in my nature to do so. I may care but I do not like to show it. I am very collected and is a masterstroke of self-control.

I love seeing others living the lives that they truly wish to live. Tell me, what keeps you excited at night, or what you are working on. I love seeing people enjoying life, or coming up in life especially rising from difficult circumstances because it is so motivating! Nothing makes me happier than to see someone being passionate, working on a project or cause, or trying to improve their lives and families. I will expand your cause and I will support you completely. I relish in the hard work and passion, even in those of others.

There you have it! Here are some key attributes of my personal psyche! Maybe after reading this post, you may consider making me your new BFF yay! Seriously though, let’s virtually hang out. ❤️

Thank you for reading and always remember to keep smiling!

6 thoughts on “Attributes of My Psyche

  1. It took me a while, but I’ve finally found some time to read your post, which I very much enjoyed!

    I love your personal posts more than anything else, because they allow me to see why you are the fabulous person I already know you are – they let me know why I appreciate you as much as I do :p

    Also, your drawings are beyond amazing, as well as their colors!

    Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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