My Theme Song

Maybe it may seem alittle far fetched but sometimes I feel that we all have a particular theme song running in the background subtly as we go through the vicissitudes of life. I think our taste in music has a way to influence the way we see the world or even it could be the other way around. It could be our worlds, and the various situations that could affect our music tastes. I honestly believe we are attracted to the music we do because we can somehow resonate with it in terms of the lyrics, the musicality or even the vibes of a particular genre; and however, as much as we hate to stereotype people , it is somehow inevitable that it happens time and time again. I personally am such a old school rocker. I love everything from the 70’s hair metal , glam rock and the godfathers of heavy metal from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath ( man do I love Ozzy), Deep purple, Kiss, Judas Priest and then in the 80’s  MetallicaSlayerMegadeth, and Anthrax. These bands are honestly legendary in my books and I still listen to the old albums almost every week.

Ironically, I am no devil worshipper. I am actually a devout Christian and goes to church regularly. I think we can have daulity and should embrace whatever that makes us happy and that of which we can resonate. My faith is solid and in no way can a music taste affect my salvation. I am just so incredibly in love with the musicality. My dream is to be able to go the Wacken Open Air in Germany where all the greatest bands would be touring hopefully after this Covid saga ends. I would also say that heavy metal resonates alot with my personality. I know what I want, ain’t afraid to chase it, won’t take no for an answer, determined and fearless. There is no other genre of music that can gets me fired up and ready to go and conquer a country or something. I am serious . There is nothing that could actually satisfy my parched soul like metal. It is like my soul is on fire , ever since I was 11 years old and I heard Slayer’s “Evil Has No Boundaries (Show No Mercy, 1983)” , and was then officially hooked. Overtime, I enjoyed exploring the various genres that metal has to offer and trust me there is no other genre I believe that has such versality and potential to reinvent itself over and over again as vast as with metal. Additionally, I would recommend actually buying the CDs to support the bands. Honestly, I think the metal community is one of the most united and has great ( let’s say morality) when it comes to supporting the overall community. People would help you if you fall down in the moshpits, will share their own history as to how they got into metal, show off the patch collections, CDs, banners, flags, regardless of where you are from or who you are. Whenever I enter a CD shop, people would gather and share their favourite tours, and bands as well as albums. Some even teach me some of the iconic riffs when I enter the guitar store and literally give a solid history lesson on certain bands and genres of which I am so grateful for. I believe I will always be a metalhead for life. It is really a way of life and I would say most in the genre would say the very same as well.

I guess you could say my theme song is guitar riffs, grit and a tinge of wit. I am confident and genuine, the embodiment of metal and I am contented to be a part of such an amazing community.

Pin on Metal bands
Some of the amazing artworks/ album covers of various bands
Source :

Here’s a list of my favorite bands according to subgenres:

Well, that is all from me. Do tell me what gets your fire started or what genres of music that you thoroughly enjoy. I would love to hear from all of you wonderful readers!

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