Tag List – About me #2021

Well, it is the start of the new year and what better way than for me to figure out more about myself with random questions I have hardly ever thought about. These questions were inspired from tagquestion.net , so feel free to try them out and learn a thing or two about yourself. I think it is a fun and casual way of taking “knowing thyself” deeper without too much philosophical thoughts but rather with lightheartedness , because let’s face it , 2020 was tiresome and I really need a mental break from almost everything. Here’s a toast to a lighthearted and peaceful 2021 on roses & brimstone!

( Oh wait, here’s your glass)

( Great, cheers!)

  1. What is your full name?

Stephanie Anita

2.What does your name mean and were you named after anyone?

Yes, I was named after St. Stephen and St.Anne. It was more about these patron saints that I was given these names. St. Stephen the first Martyr in the Christian faith and St.Anne was the mother of Mary Immaculate , the mother of Jesus Christ. Additionally, Anita means “grace” in sanskrit and in Hebrew it means “graceful ” or “gift of God’s favor” as well. It was a feeble attempt to give me an ethnic name yet a christian one, on my parents’ part.

3.What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?

Sylvester or Stefan.

4. What has required the most courage of you in your life so far?

Being gentle even when I come face to face with bruteness.

5. Who is your favorite actress?

Catherine Zeta-Jones , Kiera Knightly , Julie Andrews and Queen Latifah

6. Who is your favorite actor?

Benedict Cumberbatch, Anthony Hopkins, Colin Morgan and Richard Armitage

7. Who is your favorite musician?

Alexi Laiho ( RIP – 2020 December) an absolute guitar god and the front man of the finnish metal band , Children of Bodom. I even have his signature axe guitar because honestly I was blown away when I first saw him play. I still cannot get over the fact that he is gone. It feels surreal and a great personal lost.

8. What is your favorite color?

Teal Blue & Emerald Green

9. What is your favorite cultural activity?

Wearing Indian clothes because they are absolutely beautiful and it makes you feel like a princess but I do not wear them often , perhaps once a year.

10. What is your favorite food?

If you know me personally, you would know that it would be soups. Like tomato soups, mushroom soups , the classic Minestrone and the Japanese’s Miso Soup. I just love soups so much.

11. What is your favorite type of clothing?

Well-fitted pants and blazers & flowly chiffon dresses. If I want to be more casual, then dresses, boots with stockings.

12. What is your favorite way to pass time?

Singing and being creative with crafts be it painting or making a hand-made card for my close ones.

13. What was your favorite subject in High School?

Chemistry , Biology and History. I was always the top student in the cohort while I was a student there. I used to give tuition to children as part of volunteering at the church even after a couple years since my national exams because I was really fond of those subjects.

14. Are you scared of heights?

I used to when I was a kid. Now, I am absolutely fine with heights.

15. Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage it head-on?

Only when I think the boundaries have crossed then would I resort to do a head-on, otherwise I am your typical pacifist.

16. What aspect of your life needs tremendous improvement?

Maintaining the strength of my mind and to be of courage. I am a very gentle person and quite sensitive. I need to be more cautious about whom I allow into my life.

17. Do you take any pills or medication daily?

I used to take a couple a day for various issues but now I am glad to say I am just taking a Vitamin C effervescent.

18. Do you have any birthmarks? If so, where?

Yes, on my left elbow (on the inner side). I actually forgot about its existence until this question. Medically it is called a  “Café au lait” , which I think is super cute.

19. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Never did and never will. I was always just a realistically and logically inclined person from the get-go. I believe in sustainable relationships based on respect, mutual understanding , common shared values etc.

20. What is your star sign?

Just your eccentric Aquarius.

21. What is something that amazes you?

How some do not treasure others and just keep switching people constantly. The lack of genuine people surprises me and it is something I find hard to comprehend or even accept.

22. What is at the top of your bucket list?

Learning a language

23. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

Just two. My regular ballet flats and boots.

24. Have you ever won a trophy or an award? What was it for?

Yes, mostly singing when I was in elementary school. I was a brave kid that became a shy quirky adult.

25. What flavors of tea do you enjoy?

Black , Green, Chrysanthemum, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile and Tumeric Teas

26. What would you name your daughter if you had one?

I like sweet shorter names for girls. I used to really like Sofia , Estelle or Violet.

27. What would you name your son if you had one?

Levi , Paul or Dominic maybe..

28. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Definitely, a morning person. I like to riser earlier and get dressed and start the day slowly before leaving the house. If there is anything I really detest , it would be rushing. I like to stay calm and quiet in the morning fulfilling what I need to do for the day in the early half so that when it hits 7pm , I can comfortably relax.

29. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

Thank God for another day and hop off to shower immediately.

30. What is the first time you were allowed to put on make-up?

I started at 21 because before that I really had no interest. It began with me having a bad fall which left a nasty scar across my cheeks and no amount of simple creams could heal it in a week. It took 7-8 months for the scar to actually fade, and that propelled me to get the foundation to cover it because wherever I went, everyone asked me about it. I almost felt like Prince Zuko in ATLA ( except that he is actually hot regardless of scar or not).

Well, that’s all from me folks! 30 random questions and I hope to see if my thoughts on certain things remains the same by the end of the year!

8 thoughts on “Tag List – About me #2021

  1. Here’s another 2 questions that might be of interest that I allude to in my blogs.

    What travels have most impacted the direction of your life?

    Do you like to live in the past, present , or future?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would like to live in the present because that is something I am guranteed to have right now.

      As for travelling, nothing has really impacted my life direction to be honest.


  2. The question challenge sounds interesting. I believe the more we learn about the world around us, helps us evolve in our conscious and spirit. If we pay attention, we continue learning about ourselves and why we’ve are here. I do enjoy hearing the stories behind given names. Thanks for sharing. All the best.


  3. Great little list here to help your readers get to know you better! Thanks so much for following The Write Edge. I hope you find the content there interesting and informative. All the best to you on your writing journey!

    Liked by 1 person

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