Treedom – A blessing

Let's green the planet — explorer circle

I can only imagine what some of you might be thinking. Treedom? Is that a new game on the Android or Apple store where you can plant virtual trees and build a kingdom or is it likened to that of plant vs zombie – You know that 2009 tower defense and strategy video game developed by PopCap Games for Windows and OS X….

Well, if you are like me and have a vivid imagination, well just stop right there! It is anything but a game! It is so real, that it is an actual platform that you could pay to plants actual trees! I only found about it about after a very special someone gifted me an actual tree via that platform for my birthday and let’s just say I am so excited that such an initiative even exists!

The concept is that you could plant trees and gift them as “sustainable gifts” to your friends, family, or even corporate partners. I will tell you what I really like about Treedom; It is just seem so personal as a farmer is assigned to plant and take care of that tree as it grows regardless of which country the tree got planted. This affectionate touch is what I find truly captivating for such a green initiative to improve the environment as well as the livelihood of the farmers who will benefit from the plantation of such trees that are specifically chosen for the climate and needs of that region. You could plant a tree in the various countries available on Treedom such as Argentina, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, Senegal, Tanzania and Thailand.

Here’s a video depicting the planting stages of the trees.

Source: Treedom’s Youtube Channel

On my 26th birthday thanks to this lovely platform and to the even lovelier soul that could only have thought of such a gift for me, I became a proud owner of a tamarind tree planted in Nepal, that I have so affectionately named Tamara. Granted Tamara literally means a “palm” tree, but I am riding on how similar Tamarind and Tamara sounds. You know Tamara, Tamarind… got it? Well, never mind. Just a little update on Tamara, well she is based in Nepal and though I have mentioned she is a tamarind tree, her scientific name is Leucaena leucocephala. If you are south Asian like me , you will know how much tamarind is used as food for the livestock as well as in local dishes, so it was such a fitting gift to plant for the farmers there to benefit from the tree. I cannot wait to see the little leaves as she sprouts her first as she grows. She was planted on the 29th of January 2021, two days after my 26th birthday and so it is a charming sign of love, abundance, and growth which I will always cherish and remember.

Please, beautifully grow Tamara and bless us with your fruitfulness.

“I feel a great regard for trees; they represent age and beauty and the miracles of life and growth.” ― Louise Dickinson Rich

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