Count Dracula

“Count Dracula”

Just the mere utterance of his name is enough to send shivers tingling down our fragile mortal spines. However, for the Count himself it is entirely different.

 It was a delicious shiver.

One that is accompanied with an arrogant smirk, as his infamous fangs peeked through his thin pale lips. He is the very devil and he knows it. He relishes in the title “monster” that the mortal man has bestowed upon his person as he unremorsefully strikes terror in all, the young and old, the godless as well as the faithful.

Regardless of faith, they all cry out in prayer or attempt to when they encounter the Count. He always found it amusing, that everyone seems to believe in the same thing just expressing it differently, whether they come to realise it or not. After spending countless nights, prying through the windows in the stale moonlight, watching as they mutter their quiet prayers, eyes shut so unassumingly, Dracula has come to appreciate the sweetness of the mortal man. The mortal man is endearing. He has faith, and trust so easily. Fragile and delectable and that is why the mortal man is Dracula’s favourite.

Fragility, softness, coupled with the warm crimson flow coursing through their veins, just beckoning to be drank, oh yes, Dracula is on the hunt tonight.

Somewhere, Little Tommy was praying especially hard as he held his teddy. It was rumpled and missing an eye, another arm, probably the right one has been stretched out from being tugged on all this while. It wore a tiny woeful smile. Now, Little Tommy has heard it all. Dracula is synonymous to “blood thirsty monster” and that is all he was told throughout his nine little years. The news has been pouring with Dracula’s latest prowls and he is soon to reach his town as reports from the neighbouring communes have been sky-high. Dracula, well as you can tell, he is not at all discreet.

Dracula happened to be passing by on his nightly hunt when he saw Little Tommy on bended knees as he mutters his prayers at the bedside. He didn’t fail to notice the miserable looking toy who looks like it had its life beaten out of it.

“Holy!!… Ermm I mean Unholy! Now that’s one teddy that has seen it all!”, Dracula noted pensively as he watched Little Tommy kiss this miserable thing. Somehow this sweet innocent kiss, melted even the stone cold “hypothetical heart” of this monster. Dracula found himself moved and overcome with tenderness. Tears started to gather around his eyes. Greatly disturbed and undeniably uncomfortable with this almost impossible reaction, Dracula shakes his head vigorously to clear his mind. It must be whatever that kid was praying. It was probably messing with his vibes.

“Yes, that must be it!” he declared, convinced that his frosty wicked heart could never have been able to feel, yet alone, produce such emotions. Determined to prove this, he pounced into the room to make his presence known.

“It is I, Count Dracula, I am sure you have heard of me, little one. See, I am dressed well aren’t I not, oh and look, here are my famous pearly whites!”, exclaimed the Count as he proceeded to show his sharpened fangs to a speechless Little Tommy who was already tugged snuggly in bed.  Overwhelmed, the miserable teddy escaped the grip of Tommy’s little fingers and found itself pitifully on the floor.

“Teddy!!”, cried out Little Tommy, his pupils dilating full and shiny.

 Without a second thought, Dracula, proceeded to pick the miserable toy and bend over the bedside to give it back to Little Tommy.

As Little Tommy thank the Count shyly and courteously, a loud crashing sound was unmistakably heard from the floor below. The banging of doors soon accompanied, and the faint sobbing of a woman could be heard.  The intimidating stomping of feet was getting louder as the minutes ticked. Panicked, Little Tommy held the Dracula by the neck in an embrace cheek to cheek.

“Mr Count Dracula sir, please stay. I am scare-d,” quivered the wee little thing, his eyes glistening with hope. Now, Dracula has seen aplenty of eyes but not eyes quite like this. All of the eyes he has seen had been one of fear. Petrified even but mostly because he was there to drink of his fill and leave them be. Yes, he is a monster, rightfully and justly titled. However, whoever that is coming up that stairs must either be Lucifer or a very strong contender for his spot because, boy oh boy, was Dracula irate that such a little thing had eyes like this.

Looking down firmly and protectively into such eyes, Dracula grabs Little Tommy in a warm tight embrace. Yes, it was a cold hug, he is stone cold, frosty, some might even say, but to Little Tommy it was the most warmest, soothing, and loving embrace of his new-found protector. Suddenly, those footsteps don’t seem so scary anymore and as the doorknob turns, Dracula smiles.

It was a delicious shiver.

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