Dear Heart

Dear heart, please go on. I entreat you to please go on. You are worn out and burdened with life’s thorns and losses. I yearn for a resting place to lay you upon so that you can take deep full breaths instead of staggered ones. These palpitations are preventing me from sleeping. I will allow this magnitude of sorrow pass. Let it pulsate through the very chambers of my ribcage, as it manifests into those quick, quiet shivers that rakes my torso.

Dear heart, be still, it will be soon over. My eyes are rimmed with the tears you have coughed up. Do not let the searing pain tearing at your walls, forget that they too can bellow a hearty laugh. I know you need to find rest and may it soon come. You have had your fill of anguish; your face is lined with age and wisdom. Exhaustion is apparent in your eyes.  You have love, cried, laughed, and worried. You have had a full life, one that I only know too well.

Pain tells you sternly that you can’t ask for an embrace , bask in the sunshine, or even ask for a nice word once or twice. It makes you feel guilty to feel the warm of a shawl or to ask for water to parch your thirst. It is a hallowness that you have resigned to because it was easier not to dream than to desire and not get them. You are , however, worthy of love, affection, and comfort, and I want you to know that you matter to me. I have fought for you a thousand times and I am willingly to do so for another thousand. Do not feel guilty to dream, to wish up a shooting star to have your deepest yearning fulfilled. You have languished in the throes of distress for far too long and don’t you think it is time for some rest?

My fingers tremble as I hold you in the palms of my hands unable to sooth your fragile frame, your heaving and puffing an indication of your resilience to keep pressing on. I admire you; I have no idea how you keep holding on. Yet I ask for your pardon, as I steady myself awhile to reach a peaceful equilibrium to quieten your shaky breaths. With wide eyes, and my arms outstretched heavenwards, I will hold out for everything that you need, even so on bended knees praying for some respite.

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